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If you happen to be in the middle of taking a bunch of difficult cost and time cutting measures in your company wondering what else it would be nice to put into the place and have yet to cover some of the items on that checklist of yours, then jump for joy as you’ re probably in the best possible hands when it comes to brick manufacturing. Our outstanding skills and products have already left so many clients astonished that we don’t really find ourselves in need to advertise. Read More

A fireplace is appreciated all over the world for two main reasons. It manages to deliver a reasonable amount of lovely light and it is excellent at making your living room nice and warm. However, one mustn’t forget that this is open fire we’re dealing with here. Read More

A fireplace in a living room is a very important part of your house. However, in order to avoid serious problems, you do need to realise that your fireplace easily generates temperatures in excess of 1000C which is why professional refractory cements are used in the construction process. Read More